Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Jackson, Michigan
Serving the Children of the World

Why Others Join

“Keep on top of community development. Give back to the community. Opportunity for charitable giving. Feeling of pride from belonging to a highly respected community organization.” – Nels Oman, a member since 2000

“I really wanted to join because I truly believe that kids are our future and if there's anything that we can do to help them become the best they can be, then we should do it. Kiwanis has so many projects to choose from and everyone is so unbelievably kind and giving. Of course, I truly love the flag project. There's never a time that we go out that someone doesn't tell us how much they love the flags! The fact that we don't lose hardly any flags each year just blows me away! It makes you realize that the majority of the people in Jackson are truly patriotic. I love it!” -- Connie Murray, a member since 2007

“I joined Kiwanis because I was interested in the club’s mission of serving children. I felt that becoming part of a larger group that had an established workforce, organizational structure and community networks would increase my volunteer opportunities and focus my efforts for greater results. 'Many hands make for light work' my mother always says, and that is so true!" – Suzy Crittenden, a member since 2010

“I'm a Kiwanian because helping others makes me happy. I initially joined to make contacts in the community and they have been valuable and are still important, but it’s seeing the good we do as we interact with our community that has been so very gratifying. For instance, talking with people as they put money in the kettle when we ring the bells for the Salvation Army, seeing the joy on a person face when we are volunteering for the 'Warm the Children' shopping effort or the happiness on my neighbors’ faces when they thank me for our flag project are very rewarding moments. I was so very proud of our club when we rededicated our Kiwanis Park as it will give joy to kids for a very long time. One of my favorite moments is when we sing the song, 'It's a Grand Old Flag.' It gives me such a strong patriotic feeling. People should join our club for many reasons, however if they are active, the things that they will do for others will make them a better person.” – Denny DaPra, a member since 1985

“I like Kiwanis for several reasons. I met several people who I would otherwise not have met. The service projects. The social outings. Winter golf too!” – Dick Erhardt, a member since 1994

“Pure and simple, I love it. Our group is great and do great things to help the kids of Jackson!!!!!” -- Ron Sondergeld, a member since 2010

“Good fellowship, interesting meetings and support to the community. “ -- Russell C. Youngdahl, Sr., a member since 1961