Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Jackson, Michigan
Serving the Children of the World

History and Mission
Organized in 1994, the Kiwanis Foundation of Jackson receives and administers funds for charitable purposes. The Foundation received its initial funding from very generous contributions from the estates of Mrs. George M. Cowden and Waldo C. Switzer. A Board of Directors, comprised of current club members, directs the Foundation's activities.

Board of Directors

2017-2018 Officers:

President                  Therese Hesslau
Treasurer                  George Veach
Recording Secretary  Kelly Langley
Corresponding           Beth Philo, (non-member volunteer)

2017-2018 Directors:

Director  Phil Berkemeier
Director  Mary Lou McFadden
Director  Glenn Pascoe

Director Ex-Officio (Club President)    Andy Johnson
Director Ex-Officio (Club Pres-Elect)   Mike Zuchowski
Director Ex-Officio (Club Past Pres)    Rick Mills